I love a parade

1953 Seafair Parade. Seattle, WA. Probably August, 1953.

It’s not August, but I feel like posting a photo taken by my grandfather almost 70 years ago. He grew up in Seattle from the final years of the 1800s until he passed in 1990. He would regale me about what Seattle was like in those early years, before Grandma would say, “hush, now, Roy, he doesn’t want to hear about all that old stuff!” I actually did. This photo is one of three dozen (a long roll of 35mm film back then). From the shots I can tell my grandfather never moved, just shot what paraded by. This photo is interesting because the young woman in the position of honor on the float looks like my mother. I doubt it’s her–she was way too shy to be this involved in things–but nonetheless… I’ve not delved deeply enough into parade routes, but it’s very likely this corner now has one or more skyscrapers on it. I can tell from some of the photos that it’s at an intersection and the street that leads off in front of the building in the background goes steeply downhill toward Elliott Bay…but then, many streets do that in Seattle. I can see Bainbridge Island in the background of some of the photos shot just a few more degrees to the left. Today it would be impossible to see Bainbridge Island this far up from the Bay.

2 thoughts on “I love a parade

  1. I really like this float image, particularly how the ‘Queen’ is enthroned at the top of the Hydro Electric dam, her white gown appearing to continue flowing over the tope of the dam creating the waterfall, while ‘power’ radiates from her through he transmission lines that are draped from the transmission towers proceeding forth from her throne. Mind you, the Queen’s young attendant sitting on the front corner appears to be terrified and frozen stiff, but perhaps that is appropriate when being in the presence of those in great power, eh?

    What a great example of planning and ingenuity when building a ‘simple’ parade float. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I’m thinking it was connected to the Grand Coulee Dam in some way. I don’t get it from the title on the side of the float.

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