about the author and this site

We mature and become what we were meant to be.

After accumulating decades of writing and taking photographs, I decided I needed to publish it. I’ve spent 50 years with ideas, stories, poems, essays, critiques, articles, and whimsy dancing in my head. I’ve published in ‘acceptable’ manners:

  • Newspapers (reporter/editor)
  • Structured writing to be used when I was a teacher of English for 9 years
  • Business reports, mostly reviewing the processes of pharmaceutical manufacturing products
  • Writing instructions in hundreds of standard operating procedures
  • Authoring hundreds of root cause analysis investigations

None of these offered much of an outlet for the supposed poet, essayist, short story writer, all of whom I thought were in there, somewhere. For a long, long time I didn’t write in those roles because I thought I liked to write but needed extrinsic motivation to do so. It took a long time for me to mature as a writer, to realize what I had to say, that I have a need to say something. And now, retired, I have no more excuses.

After three months I realized this blog also served up at least as many of my photographs as it did samples of my writing. (And aren’t photographs just visual poems?) Unless otherwise noted, all photographs used on this site are my own. Usually they are dated, but sometimes they aren’t. It’s just that way. I hereby note that the kodiak greeting the salmon is not my own. The gravatar is mine, but I’m a bit older now. (“Bit” takes on a malleable meaning when you get as old as I.)

I hope you enjoy this.