rules of engagement

First: All words and photos are hereby copyrighted to Ken Pilcher, unless they are explicitly credited to another entity. See About the Author for some of the credits.


1. Be kind.

2. If you can’t be kind, be witty and constructive.

3. If you can’t be kind, or witty and constructive, rest secure in the knowledge that you have provoked a singular post from this author and guaranteed the disapproval of your comment.

4. FYI : all comments are subject to approval.

5. As if the previous rules had not made this obvious, the author of this site is an insecure ego-maniac control freak who thinks “if only I could make the entire world live according to my rules we would all be happier–or at least I would be happier.” After six decades we must just accept that this is subject to only minor change. Much as we all agree he should have pulled a J. D. Salinger and lived in isolation, he has chosen to use a more public forum without acknowledging the general ‘understandings’ that go with it. Perhaps some brilliance will ensue, but we shall surely be entertained by the mental contortions he will have to exhibit from time to time, so let’s stay tuned, and please, let’s just humor him on the above, okay?

6. Those who understand who they are and where they are (i.e., the nature of their reality, even if it is an illusion like the Buddhists say), will have a better time on this site than those who don’t.

7. All works of fiction are just that: fiction. Resemblance to the people in my life is circumstantial and cannot be proven in a court of law. (Unless the author REALLY screws up, in which case….well, fuck-him-what-an-idiot-he-deserves-to-die-or-at-least-be-canceled-hey-is-that-the-new-iPhone?)

8. Essays may refer to general personality types which resemble people in my life. The resemblance is quite probably intentional, but the author will never admit it under oath. See previous rule.

9. Flexible voices of a conservative bent are extremely welcome. (Let the games begin!) Inflexible voices of any ilk will be angered and leave nasty comments. See the rule re: preapproval of comments.

10. Enjoy life and accept that you have made the choices that you have made. Accept that you make the choices you make now. Do not lay your victim shit on this site. (The author of this site is exempt from this rule.)