Yesterday there was snow again…

Spokane, WA. January 2020.

Yesterday there was snow again and wind froze ribs on top of the drifts along the hillsides; sun shone through the copper grass that grew above the snow on Saint Joseph’s hill, and it looked as if the snow was all on fire. There were jewels all over the junk the brothers dumped out there where the old horsebarn used to be. A bunch of old worn-out window-screens were lying about and they shone in the sun like crystal.

Merton, Thomas. The Sign of Jonas (p. 317). Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. Kindle Edition.

2 thoughts on “Yesterday there was snow again…

  1. Obviously my photo is a poor representation of Merton’s description, but it was the best I could find in the moment. If I find better, I’ll replace it and note that fact.

  2. There’s a lot to digest in that simple entry – I love the impression (intended or not) of how God’s mercy can take the ‘junk’ we create in our lives and cover it with beauty.

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