Well, that sucked

Decided to try to get a bit more sophistication to this site. Chose a new theme. I told myself to pay attention to the current theme, like “what is its name?” but I got carried away and didn’t. The one I chose was horribly unsuited to what I do: all photos were B&W! Plus, …well why carry on. I found a theme almost the same as the one I used before. Sigh. I would rather spend the time on the content.

3 thoughts on “Well, that sucked

    1. “Broke” is a relative term. I don’t like the large amount of white space on the sides, or the fact I don’t get adequate impact from the horizontal photos. But I think you’re mostly right.

      1. Yeah, well I hope you find a theme that fits a bit better. I get why you would want to change to enhance the appeal of your blog, but I guess you need to weigh up the disruption and effort vs potential reward

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