When your team loses…

…you head somewhere else. Why watch the team that beat yours? In 2007 the Phillies were swept in the NL Division Series by the Colorado Rockies. The Rockies went all the way to the World Series, so at least we took solace that the near-champions (they were beaten by the Boston Red Sox) had beaten us. On the flip side, the Rockies tied with the San Diego Padres for the Wild Card that year which forced an extra playoff game between them. San Diego lost and went home. Until that playoff game the Rockies and Padres also had identical records with the Phillies, and no NL team had more than 90 wins that year (the Diamondbacks).

Regardless. We headed to the southern shore of North Carolina and the Fort Fisher Aquarium.

Spiny lobster, Fort Fisher Aquarium, North Carolina. October 2007.

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