pushin’ it

Old outhouse outside Missoula, MT. Spring 1973.

Apologies for the pun in today’s headline. What “pushin'” refers to is the photographic technique. A professor of photography at the University of Montana (where I attended my freshman year) had us try a different type of exposure technique. We used light meters to measure the darkest part of the scene, then took the photo with Tri-X film. The camera was set to an ASA of 6000. We developed the film ourselves, pushing it a certain amount. I don’t remember how much, but I wouldn’t think you would have to push it a lot with those settings. The photo above is unretouched, uncropped.

One thought on “pushin’ it

  1. I guess I should have mentioned that this digital version of the photo was captured from the negative using a Wolverine F2D capture device.

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