thinkin’ Spring

Crocus (?) along the Little Spokane River. May 1972. Photographed with Honeywell Pentax SP500. Scanned from either negative or slide.

We’ve had several days of early spring-like weather. Despite all that assails one, sunny days like today lighten the heart and fill the soul with optimism. Sure we’re falling apart like a cheap toy and every famous person we liked as children seems to be dying, but just enjoying this moment beats not enjoying it.

Happy new year

Today is today.

Tomorrow is tomorrow.

Every day is happy new year!

Assess today, try harder tomorrow. Make your resolutions every day… every minute. Resolutions annually have little impact six months from now. Every moment is now, every day is today, every future is “the new year”. It’s great to usher out an arbitrary measurement of time, but really folks: let’s focus on where we really are!

Yes and No

is the No Where
that leads to
Some Where or
Some When, but
always to an
Any-When, an
whips Some Where
and Back When
into Here-Now:
No When,
No There.
is the Non-Where
that cannot lead,
cannot follow,
cannot do anything
but hang curtains of
illusion between us.
jerked out of Satan's mouth mid-plummet,
greeted Moses after Sinai,
cloaked Judas's lips
during his god-kiss,
takes little bites out of 
our daily redemption.
is the Here that 
pinpoints Now,
focuses our hearts like
candles mid-night,
like a scream on a 
quiet summer's night.
escaped Jesus's mouth
accepting pounded nails,
danced in Stephen's blood,
dissolved barriers 'tween
mortal enemies,
plasters o'er cracks
in our good intentions.
was good enough in
Its Day, made us look
more intelligent, more
urbane: critics, noses tipped.
But Now,
must be given Its Due,
must claim center stage
in our heart's theatre, in
our dreams of Perfection.
we'll move on to
live in Then-Now
making plans for