Golden times

Oregon Coast. October 2011.

In October 2011 my wife and I rented a house just outside Newport, OR, where we vacationed with my brother, his daughter, and our parents. Our last night there an amazing set of conditions created one different sunset after another. (I’ve posted other photos of it here and here.) For more than twenty minutes I stood on the bluff outside the house snapping photos as the rest of my family waited to go to dinner. We might have had reservations, I don’t remember. I ignored their growing impatience to capture these photos. Thus, the photos have an undercurrent of discontent, though I don’t regret taking them. It represented the self-centeredness they would say I’ve had all my life. I’ll have to explore this later.

to me in lieu of everyone

“You say why can’t we

Get along? Compromise? Yet

Uncompromisingly ask all to

Get along with you.”

My coffee tastes better

Sipped far from others.

Does not the day

Dawn everywhere?

Do not birds sing,

Breezes blow, waters

Lap shores, babies cry?

Why is it so easy to

Get along with others

When they do not

Grace us with their presence?